ColdFusion 9.0.1 Released

At 5pm UK Time ColdFusion 9.0.1 updater was released to the masses.

Grab it now from:
If you use SOLR and Dreamweaver you’ll want to get the updates from:
The release notes are:
Along with a host of bug fixes; there are some new features included:

Language enhancements

  • Support for for-in construct (for arrays)
  • var declaration within for loop
  • Support for creating custom metadata
  • CFScript support for cffile action=”upload” and cffile action=”uploadall”

Script Functions Implemented as CFCs

  • dbinfo – cfdbinfo
  • imap – cfimap
  • pop – cfpop
  • ldap – cfldap
  • feed – cffeed

Caching enhancements

  • New function cacheGetSession
  • EhCache has been upgraded to version 2.0.
  • New parameter for cacheGetMetadata
  • Support for new configuration properties
  • Support for user-defined caches

ColdFusion Ajax

  • Support for CFCs outside webroot
  • Modifications to cffileupload
  • Serialization of Numeric Values
  • cfmap
  • Grid enhancements
  • Ajax plumbing

ORM enhancements

  • Support for multiple data sources for ORM
  • Session Management
  • ORM Function enhancements
  • Transaction Management


  • IIS 7 Support
  • Amazon S3 storage
  • SpreadSheet enhancements
  • AIR integration in ColdFusion
  • Server monitoring enhancements

NB: There is only an Updater no Full Installer so you Need CF9.0.0 then run the updater to get CF9.0.1

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