Cannabistry® enters into a new partnership with the chain store Perfect Union

SANTA ROSA, Calif. – April 7, 2022 – (

Cannabistry brings its family of award-winning brands to a broad audience of new consumers through a strategic channel partnership perfect unionMT. This partnership will see the full range of Cannabistry products, sold under its brands, tough momMT, MistifMTand The root of everythingMToccupying a key position in all Perfect Union outlets.

“Over the past two years, we have used our suite of proprietary technologies as the foundation to launch a portfolio of products under three disruptive cannabis brands, each focused on a different market: Tough Mama for the everyday/heritage consumer; Mistifi, for the lifestyle connoisseur; and The Root of it All for the wellness market,” says Dan Einzig, brand manager at Cannabistry. “This new partnership with Perfect Union represents an exciting opportunity to raise awareness and conduct trials.”

Starting this week, you can find the full line of Cannabistry at all 10 Perfect Union stores: including flagship products from Seaside, Napa, Sacramento, Marysville and Wild Seed Wellness.

Customers can expect to compete while having fun tenacity challenges with Tough Mama’s “gorilla” marketing team, as they discover ‘Yolo ShotzMT‘, the game-changing line of shoot or shuffle drinks: and ‘Mini MofozMT‘, a new line of resin infused hardened mini hemp cones. Connoisseurs looking for a deeper dive into craftsmanship can visit the stores to learn more about Cannabistry’s exclusive Hi-Phi.MT solvent-free extraction, featured in its Mistifi range of vape pens and carts. Customers seeking alternative remedies to everyday conditions will be able to find holistic wellness with The Root of It All’s line of all-natural tinctures and topicals, based on ancient Indian Ayurveda recipes.

“The Cannabistry team sees where the cannabis market is today, but also has an eye on the future of this industry and their three best-in-class product lines really reflect that,” says Nicole Hanratty, Vice President marketing for MWG Holdings. Group, (owners of Perfect Union). “Our new partnership will allow us to continue to meet the ever-changing needs of California cannabis consumers.”

About Cannabis®:

Cannabistry is an award-winning cannabis innovation and self-manufacturing company. After spending the last seven years developing proprietary technologies for extraction, plant mapping and rapid delivery systems of nano-emulsions, its product developers, operators and brand teams have produced a portfolio of products top notch in-house at its manufacturing facility. in Santa Rosa, California. Cannabis products have won High Times and Emerald Cup awards across three brands: Tough Mama, Mistifi and The Root of It All.

About Perfect Union:

Perfect Union is one of the leading cannabis chains in California. With 10 locations across California, they pride themselves on their commitment to quality. They ensure they have the best of the best by refining their sourcing practices to focus on building partnerships that turn into friendships with the common goal of enabling consumers to experience the best of the California cannabis market.

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Cannabistry® enters into a new partnership with the chain store Perfect Union