Cooperative Credit Union Association Sponsors Historic Exhibit at America’s Credit Union Museum | 2022-03-22

The Cooperative Credit Union Association (CCUA) has partnered with America’s Credit Union Museum (ACUM) to bring the past to life in its new exhibit “Credit Union Women Making History – Herstory”. Honoring the past, present and future of the incredible women who have made history in the credit union industry, Herstory will be an interactive exhibit showcasing incredible stories never heard before.

The new exhibit will premiere at the American Credit Union Museum’s 20th anniversary celebration in September 2022. In addition to a physical exhibit at the museum, the exhibit will have an online presence that will share stories through virtual tours.

In support of the “Herstory” exhibit, CCUA will sponsor the “past” segment, bringing to life the stories of the strong visionary women who helped establish credit unions in America. CCUA is joined by PSCU, the nation’s premier credit union service organization (CUSO), as a sponsor of the exhibit’s “Present” segment and the Illinois Credit Union League as a sponsor of the “Future” segment. “.

“There are so many important women in the credit union movement whose stories have never been shared beyond their own credit unions,” said ACUM Executive Director Stephanie Smith. “We are thrilled to bring these stories to life through this interactive exhibit as we celebrate the museum’s 20th anniversary this year. We are grateful for the support of these three donors, as well as the mutual group CUNA, which became involved in this project at its inception.

“It is important to remember and honor the women who helped lay the foundation for our credit unions in America,” said Ron McLean, President and CEO of CCUA. “Their foresight and commitment to helping others established the credit union ethos that we all live by today.”

“The museum’s dedication to honoring the many incredible women in the credit union industry is inspiring,” said Merry Pateuk, Senior Vice President, Industry Engagement at PSCU. “Our shared commitment to elevating women in the credit union space makes this partnership a natural fit, and we are thrilled to be a part of this historic exhibit.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to support the future of women in the credit union industry,” said Tom Kane, president and CEO of Illinois Credit Union League and Envisant. “There are so many opportunities for women in the credit union movement to continue to make their mark and inspire others to continue the momentum of those who paved the way.”

The museum is committed to preserving the rich history of credit union history, including the women who have been part of it. To make a donation in support of this new exhibit or to nominate a female credit union for the exhibit, contact Smith at [email protected] or (603) 629-1553, or visit