Dakota Credit Union Association is MemberClose’s latest partner | 2022-10-11

MemberClose, LLC has announced the Dakota Credit Union Association as its newest platform partner. The Dakota Credit Union Association, in partnership with MemberClose, LLC, will offer the full suite of bundled settlement services and mortgage solutions that save significant time and money.
money for their member credit unions.

This collaboration means that Dakota Credit Union Association credit unions will benefit from a first-class user experience on the new MemberClose, LLC platform because it was developed with credit unions in mind.

Bryce Jackson, Chief Operating Officer of MemberClose, LLC, said, “With MemberClose’s commitment to exceptional service, competitive pricing,
and high-quality products, Dakota Credit Union Association members can expect the best user experience.”

The Dakota Credit Union Association unites 68 credit unions with more than 520,000 members who will benefit from the MemberClose end-to-end settlement services tool.

“We are excited about the potential our relationship with MemberClose can offer our member credit unions. Our goal has always been to help
credit unions are reducing costs and improving operational efficiency to better serve their members. The ability to save time and money while accelerating
lending process will benefit our credit unions and perhaps, more importantly, their members. Add that MemberClose is a credit union-only business that just makes things better,” said George McDonald, Director of Strategic Services, Dakota Credit Union Association.

MemberClose is an affiliate of the Cooperative Credit Union Association.