Dakota Credit Union Association Shows Why ‘Membership Matters’ | 2022-01-13

The Dakota Credit Union Association has recapped a successful year with its latest impact report, titled “Membership Matters.” The report details how the Dakota Credit Union Association has helped credit unions in North and South Dakota so they can continue to serve their members.

“Great organizations can do remarkable things and solve complex problems together. The credit union movement is continually disrupted, competition increases, member expectations rise, and government policy is constantly changing,” wrote Jeff Olson, president and CEO of the Dakota Credit Union Association. “The relevance of our movement is constantly questioned. You need us and the association needs you. We cannot do it alone.

Board Chairman Jarrod Reisner, who is also chief financial officer of Black Hill Federal Credit Union, said the more the association can do for credit unions, the more the credit union can do for its members.

“As an organization, our purpose is simple: we are here to help our members succeed and to be the best advocate for credit unions and their members. We do this by providing 360-degree advocacy leadership, regulatory support, education, and trusted business solutions and resources to our affiliates,” he wrote. “We are focusing on these priority pillars so our credit unions can focus on serving their members.”

The report includes updates on credit union awareness, professional development, advocacy, compliance, financial wellness for all, and more.