Digital union and unionized workforce sign collective agreement – Deal overwhelmingly accepted by CUPE members L5277

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The union called for a move from unanimity to an overwhelming majority…he said it’s not fair for everyone to know what people voted for.

Members of CUPE Local 5277, who represent frontline workers at Union Digital, have overwhelmingly ratified a collective agreement, as recommended by their bargaining team.

“We were delighted to approve this agreement, negotiated cooperatively and productively for many hours over the past two weeks,” said Local President Errin Weatherup. “The bargaining unit has made significant gains on wages, benefits and on-call language. Most importantly, we have consolidated strong pension language in the form of a jointly funded MSPP.”

Union Digital workers provide computer, printing and customer service support to many of Union’s customers and their members.

John Camilleri, president of Union Digital, echoed the local’s comments. “We value our employees and are thrilled to have reached a progressive agreement in very difficult times. At Union Digital, we strongly believe in the union advantage. We have done everything we can to support our workforce unionized so that it can provide vital and unique services to our union partners Unionized workers who provide goods and services to unions and their members are the backbone of our operations.

Union Digital is committed to working with unions to build strong relationships with their members and employers.