Dr Leong Partnership – Dermatology and plastic surgery are a unique union

ZENA Medical announces partnership with Dr Leong for a unique union of dermatology and plastic surgery

ZENA Medical improves skin care and aesthetic medicine by giving patients the best of both worlds in one place through the partnership between Dr Karen Leong and Dr Zenovia Gabriel. Dr Leong is a much sought-after plastic surgeon with an impressive education from some of the world’s most respected physicians. Dr. Zena Gabriel, as her patients call her, is an award-winning, world-renowned dermatologist. Together, they can offer patients of Newport Beach and beyond a one-of-a-kind comprehensive skin care and cosmetic rejuvenation experience.

The team of doctors, with their combined expertise, collaborate on everything skin-related and even deeper – from skin cancer removal and surgical reconstructions to face lift surgeries coupled with laser resurfacing and comprehensive skin care. “The synergy between dermatology and plastic surgery offers the best possible result to our patients because we address all facets of the human body, from the superficial to the deepest: skin, muscle and bone,” explains Dr Zena.

We believe that dermatology and plastic surgery go hand in hand; our goal is to harmonize their natural appearance so that you can be and feel like a better version of themselves.

Skin cancer patients also benefit greatly from this partnership. Mohs micrographic surgery with Dr. Zena Gabriel successfully eliminates the cancer in its entirety with minimal loss of healthy tissue. Next, Dr. Leong uses the artistic eye of his plastic surgeon to close the surgical site with minimal scarring and the best aesthetic result.

Another benefit of a combined dermatology and plastic surgery practice is determining what patients do not need. With the confidence, honesty, and thoroughness that a dermatologist and plastic surgeon provide, patients are educated on what they need and what they don’t need. Often times, patients may believe that more treatment is needed, but our approach is to do less and give you only natural and “canceled” results.

ZENA Medical’s dermatologist and plastic surgeon are linked by this common thread. We each enjoy the same subtle and artistic angle and this allows us to achieve natural results. Whether we recommend light fillers to enhance a facelift or laser scar resurfacing after a skin cancer procedure, we work in tandem to produce the optimal result.

The timing of this partnership could not be better chosen. Many patients use the prevalence of paid time off in the New Year as the perfect time to seek out their best cosmetic and skin health treatments. There really is no better time to take care of yourself than the New Year!

ZENA Medical represents the best in patient care because we stay true to our relationships and always put our patients first. Our desire is to be a trusted, evidence-based authority on advanced dermatological, aesthetic and surgical treatments. Our patients know they are receiving the most thoughtful and comprehensive care.

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