Fiserv’s Clover Brings Cashless Payments to Major League Soccer Philadelphia Union – Digital Transactions

Subaru Park, home of the Philadelphia Union of Major League Football, is the last sports stadium to operate entirely cashless. The team announced Thursday that it is deploying more than 130 Clover point-of-sale devices from Fiserv Inc. to enable contactless shopping at concession stands and high-end stadium seating.

Like many professional sports franchises, the Philadelphia Union chose to go entirely cashless in its home stadium to shorten waiting times at concession stands and improve customer service. The team, which is a new customer for Fiserv, did not test cashless technology before making the decision to switch entirely to cashless in its stadium. All Clover devices can be configured to accept cash if the location chooses to enable cash acceptance in the future, Fiserv said.

“We look forward to bringing our community … modern payment experiences that shorten franchise lines and allow Union fans to enjoy the game,” said Charlie Slonaker, Philadelphia Union Director of Revenue, in a press release.

A QR code transaction that takes place on a Clover POS device.

Data collected from Clover terminals will be used to optimize sales and link customer purchases to subscriber accounts to create offers and rewards. For example, a season pass holder might receive a text or email message during a game that says, “We know you always buy crab fries at halftime. Here’s a lot on us as a surprise, ”according to the Philadelphia Union.

The team will also analyze transaction data to identify peak ordering and fulfillment times, average ticket sizes, menu performance, and other operational information. The San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League, for example, use data from point-of-sale terminals in Levi’s stadium, which became fully cashless for the 2021 season, to help dealers better manage the flow of orders and message fans about pickup times when orders during peak periods exceed the kitchen’s capacity. In the NFL, peak times for orders are 15 minutes before kickoff and 15 minutes during halftime.

“As consumers demand faster and easier means of payment, stadium operators have a tremendous opportunity to improve interactions with fans while streamlining stadium operations,” said Geoff Johnson, general manager of Bypass at Fiserv, in a press release.

Bypass is a specialized point of sale application for sports and entertainment arenas, food service providers and restaurant chains. Fiserv added the software to its offerings as part of its acquisition of Bypass Mobile in 2020.

A notable difference in the Union’s decision not to use cash at its stadium is that, unlike with other cashless sports venues, reverse ATMs will not be deployed to allow fans who still only have cash for the game to buy a prepaid debit card for stadium purchases. For example, the Lafayette, Indiana Aviators, one of three amateur baseball teams operated by National Sports Services, installed reverse ATMs in its home stadium, which went entirely cashless for the season. 2021.

In addition, the Union does not intend to provide fans with a mobile application for ordering and paying online and for estimating the times for picking up orders.