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DALLAS, January 6, 2022 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – After a few moments of shock and disbelief, one lucky Mansfield wife greeted the new year today with an extra $ 49,999.99 in her Neighborhood Credit Union Prize Savings Account, after her name was drawn as the 2021 Grand Prize winner.

Janice Horton shook her head as the first vice president of the Neighborhood Credit Union Jessie swendig surprised her with an oversized “check” in her name, as Horton walked into the credit union’s till Duncanville site. Horton had lived nearby until recently and still enjoys seeing familiar faces.

“I never won anything in my life,” said Horton, choking back tears. “I’m speechless, really. I know you give members gifts, but I never dreamed it could be anything like this!”

Neighborhood Credit Union created the Prize Savings Account 15 years ago to help reverse the lowest savings rate in U.S. history. The idea was to encourage more people to save money by offering prizes and rewards throughout the year, so members could enjoy immediate and tangible rewards to help them develop good habits. savings that can pay off in the long run. The weekly giveaways culminate with the grand prize draw each New Year’s Day.

Swendig noted Horton’s strong and consistent saving habits since she joined the credit union almost exactly 30 years ago, which improved her odds of winning the grand prize as every member of the credit union has a chance for each 25 $ in their prize savings account.

“You have to pay yourself,” said Horton, who said saving was a habit instilled by his father. “Even if it’s only a small amount, put some back in and always pay yourself first.”

Horton said that before retiring, she saved almost half of her income, for her retirement years. This planning and savings allowed her to retire earlier than expected during the pandemic to help her aging parents in their final months.

When asked how she could spend the prize, Horton said she and her husband, who died two years ago, planned to travel to Europe, she will therefore still be able to do so in her honor once COVID-19 is gone. Or maybe she’ll buy that long-awaited dream car. Or maybe help her grandson who is getting married in May.

“Five minutes ago, I had no plans, but with this unexpected money, now I have it,” exclaimed Horton. “I am truly blessed.”

How the Price savings account works: Neighborhood Credit Union members receive one entry into the raffle for each 25 $ average monthly balance in their savings account for prices. The greater the savings, the more chances a member has of winning. Members are eligible for weekly draws, culminating with the annual grand prize, drawn each January 1st based on the average monthly savings account balance at the close of business the 31st of December.

About Neighborhood Credit Union: The oldest credit union in Dallas (chartered April 18, 1930), Neighborhood Credit Union is a non-profit financial organization serving everyone who lives, works or loves in the State of texas. With nearly 60,000 members, $ 1 billion in assets and locations across North Texas, Neighborhood Credit Union has been a loyal and trusted partner for over 91 years and continues to welcome new members daily. For more information call (214) 748-9393 or visit

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