Parents’ union member convicted of decorating DEO garlands with slippers in Ludhiana

A day after a member of a parents’ association decorated a high school officer with slippers, the police convicted the former for trespassing, criminal intimidation, criminal conspiracy, committing an obscene act in a place public and prevented an official from performing his duty on Saturday. .

The accused, Rajinder Kumar Ghai, had accused the District Education Officer (DEO), Lakhvir Singh Samra, of failing to take action against a physical training teacher who allegedly assaulted a student, after which he circled Samra in slippers in her office on Friday.

The DEO told police members of the parents’ association met him under the pretext of paying tribute to him and clicking photos with him. Initially, Samra refused to accept any garland, but when union members insisted, he agreed.

“Ghai decorated me with slippers while other members decorated me with flowers. It wasn’t until I started removing the garland that I noticed the slippers attached to it, ”he told police, adding that Ghai had clicked on pictures of him wearing the garland. to make him sing.

Teachers’ associations demonstrate

Hundreds of members of different teachers’ unions demonstrated outside the DC office, demanding the immediate arrest of the defendants and waving slogans in favor of the DEO.

One protester, Principal Amandeep Singh, said the protest would not end until the accused was arrested. “He should be behind bars because he not only disrespected an honest and respectable officer, but also vilified the education department.”

Protesters demanded a full investigation into the case, suspecting the involvement of a few senior officials. “It’s a bigger plot and needs to be exposed. We suspect a few senior officials in the ministry are part of this power struggle, ”said another director.

Notably, Ghai had previously texted a few reporters revealing his plans, after which the teachers’ unions also called on the police to investigate their role.

Charan Singh Sarabha, former president of the teachers’ union, said the DEO could only have transferred the teacher. “The DEO is not a police officer and cannot arrest the teacher. However, he submitted a report to the elderly and immediately transferred the teacher, ”Sarabha said.

Teachers’ unions are likely to hold a larger protest on Monday in case the police fail to arrest the accused. Members of the Bharatiya Kisan Union also supported the DEO.

The case

An investigation was launched against the PT teacher by DEO High School MP Charanjit Singh on December 22 after Rajinder Ghai filed a complaint with the chief minister’s office.

Ghai had claimed that since WD had taken no action although 10 days had passed, he was trying to save the teacher. The teacher had already been transferred to a boys’ school by the DEO. The DEO, realizing the indignity inflicted on him, confronted Ghai and told him that an investigation report had already been submitted to senior officials for action.