The 26th annual Labor Candidates School equips union political candidates with the skills to win

Over the weekend, the New Jersey State AFL-CIO held its 26th annual Labor Candidate School with a class of 24 union members running for office as first-time candidates. Additionally, many alumni have chosen to join the school for a refresher course, as the Labor Candidate School provides training in the latest campaign techniques, which continue to evolve at a rapid pace.

For photos of this year’s class, please CLICK HERE.

The Labor Candidates School weekend is a culmination of the year-long effort to build the power of the labor movement by learning from union members about politics in the same way as members are apprenticed in their unions. The lessons taught in school are continually reinforced with political education, including individual counseling for union members who wish to take up public office.

Each element of the school is taught by seasoned election experts covering areas such as fundraising, election law, campaign research, message development, public speaking, media relations, voter contact, volunteer recruitment, targeting, digital strategy and exit. -vote.

In addition to campaign training and political skills building, graduates of New Jersey State’s AFL-CIO Labor Candidate School have a strategic advantage no other campaign can match; worker solidarity. Voter turnout is higher for Labor candidates in elections where they run, as union members are more likely to vote for their siblings.

In New Jersey, Labor seeks to continue its solid record of electoral success, remaining vigilant and doing everything in its power to elect our own members to office in addition to candidates who share our New Jersey working family values. Jersey. Labor candidates have already won a total of 1,186 election victories in local, state and federal office.

New Jersey State AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech said, “The Labor Candidate Program is the cornerstone of political power for our labor movement in New Jersey. The Job Candidate School is an essential part of the program because it gives our candidates the skills they need to win. By electing union members to office, we elevate leaders who share the values ​​of togetherness and deliver results for all working families.

“The Labor Candidate School enables union members from all sectors and trades and from a diversity of backgrounds and lived experiences to lead the best possible campaigns to become elected,” said the Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO of New Jersey, Laurel Brennan. “When Labor candidates stand, they know they are never alone, as they can rely on the strength of union solidarity to help them win.”

The 26th annual New Jersey State Labor AFL-CIO Candidate School was held at IBEW 456 Hall in North Brunswick from August 13-14. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO thanks IBEW Local 456 Business Director, Assembly Labor Committee Chairman and our very own Dean of the Labor Candidates School, Joe Egan, for hosting the school in his union hall. We congratulate this year’s graduates and look forward to working with all union candidates to ensure their success on Election Day, November 8, 2022.