Tropical storm calls into question the operation of an ExxonMobil union member

Members said this was another reason to end the lockdown.

BEAUMONT, Texas – Some members of the ExxonMobil union wondered how the refinery would operate without them during a possible tropical storm.

Members said this was another reason to end the lockdown.

More than 600 union members have gone without a paycheck for six weeks and they are desperate to return to work.

A handful of union members marched through the streets outside ExxonMobil in protest.

Members have vowed to continue to show up at the plant to voice their grievances as the lockdown continues for hundreds of people in the area.

“No matter the weather, I’m going to come here and do my part,” said union member Lance Lastrape.

They have been unemployed for almost six weeks.

“Not only does it affect us, but it also affects our wives and children,” Lance said. “We have gone from a good salary and a good income to our struggling families. “

With an active hurricane season on the horizon, the lockdown could also impact the community, Lastrape said.

“I am also concerned about the facility and the job and the people inside who work normally,” he said. “We would have all of these people to help us in a situation like this, so this time with the situation it won’t.”

Since January, the USW has been negotiating a new collective agreement with ExxonMobil.

Due to the fact that there was no firm resolution at last week’s meeting, the lockout continues.

“Their proposal departs from the fundamentals of what unionism is,” said Hoot Landry, international representative for Steelworkers.

However, Rozens Dendy, manager of the ExxonMobil plant, said they were operating in good faith in the negotiations.

“This lack of progress is disappointing for everyone in particular, our represented employees and their families as they endure the stress and uncertainty of this labor dispute,” said Dendy.

State Representative James White has become the latest politician to speak out on the lockdown.

“I encourage and urge my friends at USW and ExxonMobil to continue to negotiate and come to a mutually beneficial compromise.” said Blanc.

Since January, the USW and ExxonMobil have been negotiating a new collective agreement.

The two groups plan to meet this Thursday, June 17 to continue negotiations.

The energy giant’s current offer to the union is a five-year deal that includes a 1.5% pay rise and other incentives

Last week, the two sides met, but failed to agree on the terms of a new contract.

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