Union member blames ‘loss of confidence’ for West Midlands Rail strikes

A UNION member blamed ‘loss of faith in employers’ as the underlying reason for the approaching railway strikes.

Commuters have been warned of nationwide rail strikes this month which the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers says will ‘shut down the country’s rail network’ for three days .

Worcestershire commuters using Great Western Railway and West Midlands trains will be affected.

RMT Worcester representative Steve Mather said: “The government is making massive cuts to the railways which have been reflected in talks between the railways and unions.

“The ideas discussed in the talks and mentioned in the discussion papers have resulted in a real loss of trust by railway workers in our employers.

“We have real concerns about our jobs, working conditions and pay in the cost of living crisis we are all facing. So we voted on the union’s proposed strike, and an overwhelming percentage of between us voted for.

“We don’t want to strike under normal circumstances, we lose our pay when we do. But most of us feel we have no choice.

“I just hope passengers understand why we’re doing this.”

The strikes are scheduled to take place on June 21, 23 and 25 and oppose wage freezes amid the current cost of living crisis.

West Midlands Railway.

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A statement from West Midlands Railway on the website said: “If this action continues it will have a huge impact on the number of trains we can run. We are likely to be operating significantly reduced timetables on these dates.

“We are currently evaluating what services we can perform on these dates and will update this web page with further information when it becomes available.”

If you purchased a ticket and your train is canceled or delayed, you can return the unused ticket for a full refund, or you can use your ticket the day before or after at no additional cost.

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You will be able to claim delay reimbursement if your travel is delayed by 15 minutes or more from the revised schedule in effect on a strike day if you keep your ticket and submit your claim within 28 days of travel.