What a Players Union/Association Means for Penn State Football

Penn State Football could be visionary in the new era of college football. It’s time for the players to sit down at the table.

Penn State Football could be a leader in the new era of college football. Quarterback Sean Clifford is leading the charge. Not only does he lead a successful agency which helps athletes navigate the NIL landscape, but now it appears to be leading a movement to empower players.

Every couple of years we hear of a group trying to “unionize” in college sports. Most of the time, it faces heavy criticism from fans and academia.

It looks different. The College Football Players Association states that its goals are to have a unified voice when negotiating with the Big Ten.

Players getting more bargaining power would be a monumental shift in college football. NIL was a big step in the right direction, but lacks consistency and doesn’t always have player interests in mind.

What could this bargaining power really bring to the actors?

Players can negotiate their fair share. Revenue sharing would be a huge amount of money. All professional sports currently have a revenue sharing plan in place that eventually trickles down to the players. Amateurism is over.

I know people love the notion of amateurism, but that concept is now a thing of the past. If players are going to help earn billions of dollars for sport, they are worth more than a “free” education.

Another sticking point for players will be the increased medical benefits. The goal here would be to have a plan in place to help with any medical issues that players will encounter while playing.

College football is finally starting to evolve and players are finally going to be able to sit down at the table.