You’re never alone when you’re unionized

Our professional lives have taken a dramatic turnaround in recent years, and it’s not just because of the pandemic.

Precarious jobs are on the rise, more Australians are working multiple jobs and real wages have fallen.

Some workers might just feel lonely right now. But we know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Many of us already have unionized workplaces where we can thrive and build good relationships.

We are all now navigating a new post-pandemic work environment. None of us really know what the future of work will look like – but that’s okay – we’re thinking it through together.

If you already work in a unionized workplace, great. You already know how healthy conversations between employers, employees and stewards result in fairer and safer workplaces.

We need to make sure that all workers can enjoy the benefits of a unionized workplace, whether it’s safer and more respectful work, higher wages or closing the wage gap between the sexes.

But why are you being told this? You already know the benefits of being a union member. Now we want the rest of hardworking Australia to know that too.

That’s why we created this TV ad to show all workers that there is protection and support when you need it. Joining a union is a crucial first step in making workplaces safer for all workers.

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